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When choosing Lamp Protecting Child Eye, Brightness Value is not the Higher the Better

From the color temperature of view, different colors of lights have no significant effect on the progress of myopia in children. The main risk factors for myopia are high intensity and work at a near distance. It would be better if we reduced reading time and did more outdoor sports. The color temperature of the lamp is also the color of the lamp. As long as it is used, it can make people feel comfortable, and it does not have a great impact on eye protection.

In our view, brightness refers to the dazzling or brightness, in fact, this is our subjective feeling. The "GB-T9473" standard gives a limit, which recommends that the brightness should not be higher than 2000 Candela per square metre. Detection of brightness requires a specially calibrated imaging luminance meter, which can take pictures continuously in standard design scenarios. The brightness data of each picture will be imported into the computer for analysis, so that we can know the brightness of this lamp when we use it.

The brightness is not the higher the better, or the lower the better, and the actual choice should be based on subjective feelings, seeing whether the light is dazzling. The illumination and uniformity in the range of 300 mm and 300-500 mm are a set of matching indicators to test the illumination performance of desk lamps. For example, how to judge whether there is stroboscopic, which needs to use oscilloscope, plus photometric probe to measure stroboscopic, if you see that the display is a flat line, it shows that it does not stroboscopic. For the general LED products, it is not very obvious stroboscopic, unless its power supply is not good.

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