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Mini LED research

As major brands launch new Mini LED products one after another, investment institutions have also increased their attention to the Mini LED industry chain. Recently, Longli Technology, Jufei Optoelectronics, Ruifeng Optoelectronics and many other Mini LED-related companies have investigated and answered Mini LED-related questions.
Longli Technology: Gradually expand Mini LED production capacity
Since 2016, Longli has invested a lot of money and manpower in the research and development of Mini LED technology. It has conducted research and integration in IC driver, circuit design, structure, optics, and flexible board packaging, and has taken the lead in developing a variety of products. The Mini LED technology studied can be applied to vehicles, tablets, notebook computers, TVs, monitors, and smart wearables.
In 2020, by raising about 180 million yuan to increase the investment in Mini LED product production capacity, this time issuance of stocks to specific objects to raise funds to invest in the construction of the "medium and large size Mini-LED display module intelligent manufacturing base" project to better meet Future market demand for Mini LED backlight module products. At present, Mini LED products have been supplied in batches to new energy automobile manufacturers, traditional automobile manufacturers and consumer electronics brands.

Longli believes that Mini LED will have a broad market space in the future. With the continuous launch of customer terminal products, the company is also gradually expanding the production capacity of Mini LED according to the predetermined plan to better meet the future market demand for Mini LED backlight module products. need. Mini LED backlight can achieve partition control, and the display effect can be comparable to OLED. It has obvious advantages in terms of life, cost and reliability, stability, and ultra-high brightness. The industrial chain is more complete and it is easier to industrialize.
As an excellent company that has achieved batch shipments of some products, Longli Technology and other companies in different sectors in the industry have jointly participated in the "2021 Mini LED Backlight Development White Paper" led by Expert Talk to jointly promote the development of the Mini LED backlight industry.
Jufei Optoelectronics: Quantum film suitable for Mini LED is in progress
Jufei Optoelectronics' Mini LED products have been supplied in batches since last year. The current Mini LED backlight products with a large supply are used as backlight sources for TVs, and Mini LED direct display is becoming more and more accepted in the market.
Affected by the spread of the global epidemic and the economic environment, the current market demand has not yet fully started, but the application market of Mini LED is vast, and it is expected that there will be a larger market performance next year.
At present, Jufei Optoelectronics has COG, COB, POB and other technical solutions in Mini LED backlight, which can be customized according to customer needs.

From the terminal point of view, well-known domestic and foreign companies continue to introduce new Mini LED products, increasing the popularity of Mini LED products, and consumers' recognition of Mini LED products is getting higher and higher. At present, there are a lot of funds and many companies entering this field, and the competition in the early stage is definitely fierce.
The advantage of Jufei Optoelectronics is that Mini LED customers and traditional product customers are highly overlapped and sticky; it has always paid attention to technological innovation and the stability of product performance, in order to cope with the development and expansion of new products; its own funds are abundant and confident LED products have gained a higher market share during the period of rapid rise.
In terms of equipment, Jufei Optoelectronics Mini LED equipment and raw materials are imported and domestically produced. The delivery time of the equipment is different, ranging from one month to three months.
In addition, Jufei Optoelectronics said that although the company's optical film materials overlap with some customers of backlight products, they are not shipped at the same time. Products and business are calculated independently, but there will be cooperation. For example, for the wide application of the new Mini LED products of the supporting company, the products of the quantum film suitable for Mini LEDs are also advancing in an orderly manner as planned. With the successive launch of high-end products in optical films, we are constantly expanding the scope of cooperation with existing customers, and taking advantage of the trend to realize the continuous expansion of the company's product application fields.
Ruifeng Optoelectronics: New capacity is expected to be released in 2022

The appearance of Mini LED-backlit TV is to allow LCD to compete with OLED in the high-end TV field. Therefore, early Mini LED-backlit TVs will take the high-end route, and even high-end Mini LED-backlit TVs will have a price advantage compared to OLED TVs of the same level. In the future, Mini LED backlight TVs can be divided into high, middle and low grades according to different Mini LED backlight solutions to cover a larger market.
Moreover, Ruifeng Optoelectronics believes that Mini LED backlight products are the most mature technology and application direction. Compared with OLED, the thickness of the display panel with Mini LED backlight design is not much different from that of OLED panel. At the same time, Mini LED backlight products can have more detailed screen performance and lower cost. Considering the current technology level, production cost and other factors, small-size displays will be the market for OLED and Micro LED competition, while Mini LED will focus on medium and large-size displays, as well as e-sports and automotive markets with service life requirements.
However, for now, the cost of Mini LED is still too high. Ruifeng Optoelectronics said that the future price reduction of Mini LED backlight modules will come from the following aspects:
1. Continuous optimization of the scheme, reducing costs from the design;
2. After achieving standardization and large-scale production, production efficiency and yield will be improved;
3. The price of raw materials has fallen.

Regarding the transfer of Mini LED chips, Ruifeng said that the current three main solutions are Pick & Place, acupuncture solution and laser transfer solution. Each of the three solutions has advantages and disadvantages.
1. The Pick & Place method has strong applicability, but the efficiency is not good;
2. The efficiency of the acupuncture solution is higher than that of Pick & Place, but it is only suitable for chips with substrates;
3. The laser transfer efficiency is very high, but it requires one more pre-arrangement process and requires the size of the chip.
Therefore, there is currently no industry uniform standard for the transfer method of Mini LED, and the company will also purchase corresponding products according to different needs when purchasing equipment.
This year, Ruifeng Optoelectronics is mainly implementing infrastructure work in the location of fund-raising projects, and is accelerating related work. It is expected that in 2022, the new capacity will be gradually released. At present, the existing Mini LED production capacity is able to meet customer needs. As customer terminal products continue to be launched, production will be expanded simultaneously according to customer needs.
For the future development trend of z car display, Leiyun always keeps up with the pace of the times. For Mini LED backlight measurement, the C-series imaging colorimeter can be used to measure the brightness and chromaticity of high-speed measurement and evaluation.
Source: Experts say Display

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