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At the "Global E-sports Leaders Summit" on the morning of July 26, not only did a number of heavyweight guests participate, but also eight Asian e-sports project leaders shared the stage for the first time. They discussed the development trend of the e-sports industry together and gave their own insights, which proves that Chinese e-sports has taken a big step forward.

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In recent years, the vigorous development of the electronic industry has led the e-sports market to go against the trend, and the user scale, competition heat, commercial value and other aspects of e-sports have reached new highs. With the rapid development of the entire industry ecology, e-sports equipment has also ushered in new development opportunities, and many panel manufacturers and terminal manufacturers have launched high-end e-sports products.

Screen is an indispensable equipment in e-sports. A good screen is a sharp weapon for every player in the battle. For a better game experience, exquisite picture quality, high refresh rate and ultra-fast response are still the display performance pursued by many players. 

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The backlight technology in the MiniLED display is a newly developed display technology in recent years, which is characterized by dividing the screen brightness control, and to achieve bezel-free, accurate display, and colorful effects. Compared with ordinary LED displays, MiniLED backlight can accommodate more backlights under the same module, and more backlights can make the brightness of the display more uniform; plus the drive controller, it can also achieve partition adjustment backlight, while the contrast, chrominance and other performance of the display is higher.

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The response time of the display screen will affect the clarity of the dynamic screen and lead to the picture appears visual drag or residual shadow when players encounter large screen changes or rapid visual angle movement in the game. Therefore, the response time is the key performance of the display screen. Fast grayscale response times reduce visual drag and the player sees a smoother picture. 

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RayClouds team has been deeply engaged in the photoelectric measurement industry for several years and paying close attention to the needs of the development of the e-sports industry.Based on the corresponding display measurement requirements, we independently developed a series of imaging luminance colorimeter, response time analyzer, etc., to provide more suitable measurement equipment for different optical measurement and product development.

RT-200A Response Time Analyzer equipped with a high-sensitivity PMT sensor, as well as a low-noise, high-sensitivity circuit design, with the DM series measurement platform for MPRT (Moving Picture Response Time) measurement. It is dedicated to providing high speed and high precision measurement for the optical characteristics such as gray scale response time, moving picture drag time, flicker and so on of the new display screen.

Example diagram of RT-200A Response Time Analyzer 

L-61 Imaging Photometer equipped with a CMOS detector with a resolution of 61 million pixels and a backlight sensor. The readout noise is as low as one electron, and it supports readout and synthesis of region of interest (ROI), which can effectively detect pixel defects of the display screen quickly.

Example diagram of  L-61 Imaging Photometer

FW-Series Imaging Colorimeter equipped with X1, X2, Y, Z filters or up to 9 filters of different wavelengths that are close to the visual function of the human eye, perfectly matching the 2° field of view CIE1931 standard observer visual function, it can achieve high dynamic range exposure, wide measurement range of ND filter and up to 1000000:1 contrast ratio, providing an efficient measurement scheme for the optical characteristics of the display such as luminance, chrominance, and contrast.

Example diagram of  
FW-Series Imaging Colorimeter

As an emerging sports industry, e-sports is showing the strong flexibility and inclusiveness in cross-border integration based on the extended technology and digital characteristics, making this earliest large-scale "super digital scene" show more value and possibilities in terms of cultural exchange and economic promotion. We will help the vigorous development of e-sports industry with continuous research and innovation in practical action!







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