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What Considerations Should be Taken into Account when Selecting an Ultraviolet-visible Spectrophotometer

UV-Vis spectrophotometers are specialized instruments that use UV spectrophotometry to analyze substances. For this reason, there are many classifications of this equipment in the market, and different types are able to measure and analyze different substances. Then in the actual use of the selection of UV-Vis spectrophotometer equipment, what issues to consider? If you want to know, please read the following carefully.

Some of the aspects to consider when actually selecting UV-Vis spectrophotometer equipment include the following.

1. The detectable range of wavelengths needs to be taken into account. It is important to know that in practice, the wavelength monitoring range of different types of equipment is not the same, many times the wider the range then choose the type of better, after all, the wider the monitoring wavelength range then, the more suitable for use will be a wide range of applications. In terms of the beam type of the device, it can be divided into single and dual beams. The latter tends to have lower brightness and detector requirements and can be recorded automatically and scanned quickly, making it ideal for use in structural analysis of substances. The former requires a high degree of the light source and detector stability, which makes the range of suitability somewhat limited.

2. It is necessary to consider the type of sample that the UV-Vis spectrophotometer can accept. This equipment is capable of accepting microplates, sample wells, glass tubes, etc., which is to meet the different needs of various customers. It is recommended to choose one that is equipped with a variety of sample fixtures to better meet the needs of the market. 

3. It is necessary to consider the detectors for UV-Vis spectrophotometer. The part of the device is able to use the photoelectric effect to convert the relevant photoelectric signals into electrical signals. In this part of the type, low-grade equipment uses photodiodes that you should not choose. It is advisable to choose high-end silicon photodiode devices, which ensure relatively high sensitivity and are more suitable for practical use.

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