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What's the Difficulty of Full-screen Display Module Technology?

Full-screen display and touch module products are designed to bring the advantages of ultra-thin and ultra-narrow frames into full play. Additionally, there are many products designed with special-shaped display elements. Display screen and backlight may also need to dig holes, dig grooves, cut corners and chamfer. Therefore, whether it is a display screen or backlight, the strength of its components is very low, which requires professional fixtures and manipulators to carry and transport, and accordingly makes the mobile module measurement system difficult.

Moreover, due to the presence of elements such as ultra-thin, ultra-narrow frame and abnormal shape, the assembly accuracy of module products is very strict in the process of assembly and processing, mobile module measurement system. In the past, only the XY direction of the display screen was controlled by the corresponding tolerance, and now it has become the mosaic position tolerance control of all the shape elements. The difficulties of processing, mobile module measurement system and control are multiplied. Therefore, in order to process high-end full-scale screen module products, besides the automatic equipment with high processing accuracy and process tolerance, it is also essential to monitor the quality of production and processing in real time.

Even if so many conditions have been prepared, in order to upgrade more than a dozen fully automatic display and touch module processing production lines to be able to produce full-screen display module products, Leiyun Photovoltaic has spent more than half a year before it began to slowly run in the production capacity of a good volume. Moreover, in order to meet the needs of cooperating panel manufacturers and large customers, Leiyun Photoelectric has also introduced advanced large plate profile cutting production line, strengthened the matching ability of shaped design products, and cooperated with the original special processing technology of edge grinding, chamfering, drilling, and die cutting technology of optical film materials of Leiyun Photoelectric. All processes of Leiyun Optoelectronics in the full-screen display and touch module have been integrated, greatly enhancing the product development and design capabilities of Leiyun Optoelectronics mobile phone brand customers.
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