RayClouds Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd.
RayClouds Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd.



Detector Silicon photocells (CIE Y filter)
Measure angles 1° or(0.2°)
Minimum measurement area 5mm@1° ; 1mm@0.2°
Focus distance 0.35m~infinity
Measure time
AUTO: 0.3~16 sec.
MANUAL: 0.5~16 sec.
Measurement function Luminance
Luminance Measurement range 0.001 to 50,000cd/m^2
Accuracy*1 ±2%@A light source
Repeatability(σ)*1 ±0.2%@A light source
Display OLED display
User calibration channel 20
Operating temperature 5 to 50℃
Dimension 60*200*150mm
Communication interface RS232C
Power supply Built-in lithium battery and power adapter
*¹Luminance measurement is based on RayClouds conditions (using luminance 1000cd/m^2 standard light source, LED backlight, color temperature of 6500K LCD display).
*Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.