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Feature Requirements of Mobile Phone Display Measurement System

The flash module of mobile phone display measurement system is mainly used to measure 9 channel synchronization of mobile phone flash, record flash characteristic curve of fast-changing flash, and analyze the uniformity of luminosity distribution, flash index, flash duration, exposure, etc. The middle spectral channel can measure the color coordinates, color temperature, color rendering index, relative spectral power distribution and so on. Through professional analysis software, the illumination uniformity and chroma of the whole illuminated plane are obtained to evaluate the related optical characteristics of mobile phone flash.

Main features of the mobile phone display measurement system:

1. Fast synchronous capture of the flash waveform.Sampling speed is fast, reaching 20 kS/s. It can quickly and accurately capture the fine flash characteristic curve, and accurately obtain the flash index, peak illumination, and other parameters.
2. High-precision measurement of multi-channel.9-channel array measurement is to make 9 channels keep high synchronization in order to accurately acquire the light distribution characteristics and total exposure uniformity of flash at each time point.
3. Color reproduction and fidelity evaluation parameters.With the technology of transient spectral measurement, it can quickly and accurately measure and analyze color temperature, color rendering index and SDI. It is very important to evaluate the color reproduction quality of flash.
4. Sampling methods such as single exposure and multiple exposures can be selected to ensure that the test objects with different brightness levels can obtain better image quality.
5. Software is powerful and suitable for various occasions.

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