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Large Size LCD&LCM Optical Measurement System

Large Size LCD&LCM Optical Measurement System

LCD display optical characteristics automatic measurement system is mainly used in LCD, LED screen, OLED screen, FPD, Mini LED, Micro LED and various new luminous materials.

LCD display optical characteristic automatic measurement system supports the test of optical performance parameters such as viewing angle, luminance, uniformity, contrast, chrominance, response time, flicker, and refresh rate, etc.

According to the specific measurement requirements of users, we can provide customized system integration and design solutions!

It is suitable for testing the optical characteristics of products such as laboratory research and development or production line quality inspection.

Large Size LCD&LCM Optical Measurement System Overview

Using optical platform (easy to removal)
Five-axis structure
Mechanical structure: vertical
Size: 65-115 inches
The product rotates along two axes in the direction of H and V, and is equipped with a limit switch in both positive and negative directions
Two instruments can be installed at the same time, and can be switched by software
Optional darkroom structure

Large Size LCD&LCM Optical Measurement System Characteristic

  • LCDTest professional measurement software
  • Contour map, CIE colorimetric analysis, perspective distribution map
  • Manual and automatic system control for initial positioning
  • Uniformity test of 5 points, 9 points, 13 points, 25 points, dot matrix test, viewing angle test
  • Cooperated with signal generator to automatically provide a variety of signals
  • Excel data report
  • Automatic tracking algorithm of tested point
  • Site installation, commissioning and training
  • Free software upgrade

Large Size LCD&LCM Optical Measurement System Tests Supported

  • Luminance uniformity, luminance stability
  • Chrominance, color temperature, chrominance uniformity
  • Contrast, gamut coverage
  • Grayscale
  • Cross Talk
  • Response time 
  • I-V-L of OLED
  • Viewing angle

Large Size LCD&LCM Optical Measurement System Specification

Model DM-540 DM-550
Max Measurement Size Diagonal65”(165cm) Diagonal85”(216cm)
X axis Travel(mm) 1500 1950
Y axis Travel(mm) 900 1100
Z axis Travel(mm) 1500 1800
Optional telescopic Travel 1800 2200
XYZ axis Accuracy Effective Accuracy 0.04/500mm;Display resolution 0.001mm
θaxis Travel(º) -90~90 -90~90
φaxis Travel(º) -90~90/0~360 -90~90/0~360
Θ、φ axis Accuracy Effective Accuracy 0.02º;Display resolution 0.001º
Rotation Structure Polar Goniometer (Standard); Orthogonal Goniometer (Optional)
Supported Luminance Meter Topcon:BM-5A/AS, BM-7A/FAST, SR-3AR, SR-UL1R/UL2/LED/LEDW
Konica Minolta:CS-100,CS-200, CS-2000/A, CA-2000/2500
Photo Research:PR-655/670/680/680L, PR-880A, PR-705, PR-715,PR-730/735
Supported Image Brand: Astro、Chroma、Master etc
Signal Generator
Models available for programmable power supply and multimeter or power meter Brand: Maynou、Keithley、GWINSTEK、Chroma、Yokogawa、Itech etc
Instrument Installation Seat Support dual-instrument installation and horizontal, vertical 2d fine tuning
Sample Fixture Support up and down electric clamp
Measurement Items Center Point Luminance、Chromaticity、Contrast、Gamma、Color Temperature 、Color Gamut、%NTSC
Uniformity Luminance Uniformity、Color Uniformity、Contrast Uniformity
Viewing Angle Luminance vs. Viewing Angle 、Contrast Ratio vs. Viewing Angle 、Color vs. Viewing Angle
Time Black and White Response Time、Grey level Response Time、Flicker
Reflection Defuse Reflection, Specular Reflection
Standard VESA FPDM 2.0, ICDM, TCO ’99/’03/’05, ISO 13406-2
Custom Customized test module
PC System IndustrialPC, 19” LCD Monitor
Motion Control System USB/RS232 Interface 8axis motion controller+Server driver+Servo motor
Imaging System The instrument eyepiece connects the industrial camera and lens through the USB collection card to display the measurement position on the software and has a red cross line to align
System Software FPDMTest Professional version、Windows ;office
Dimension(W*L*H) 2.0m×6.0m×2.3m 2.5m×8.0m×2.3m
Power 220 VAC / 50 Hz

Large Size LCD&LCM Optical Measurement System Application

  • LED screen
  • Large size TV screen
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