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LED Fast LED Photochromic Tester Function

The LED Photochromic Tester developed and manufactured by our company is mainly used for fast spectrophotometric color separation of high-power LED, and is suitable for on-line sorting of high-power LED. Operators can use this set of LED Photochromic Tester to complete the whole process of detection and BIN. It can be equipped with a microscope to control the color temperature of high-power LED without dispensing, to help customers to carry out quality management. The test speed is greater than 6K/H, and the effective BIN speed (including test and BIN operation) is about 1.5K/H. All test data can be saved to the system database, and support EXCEL and PDF format document storage.

Brand: Ray cloud Type: Usage: Test Power Supply: 220/50V/Hz Power: 200W Shape Size: 100X100X170mm Weight: 7kg Current: DC New and Old: 90 New, Origin: Dongguan

LED Photochromic Tester implements functions:

A. Test the photoelectric parameters of a various single LED: including the main wavelength, peak wavelength, color temperature, color coordinates, light flux, color purity, forward voltage, and reverse leakage current of high power LED (with and without aluminum substrate).

B. It can be used for real-time testing of various parameters of single non-dispensing LED to help the control of phosphor dispensing.

C. It can be used for fast spectroscopic test of the high power LED. It can be calibrated with 48BINLED indicating sub-BIN box. All measurement parameters can be used for sub-setting. Data report can be automatically generated, supporting PDF format and EXCEL format preservation.

D. Additional test functions: IV characteristic test, reverse voltage and leakage current relationship test, current and light intensity correspondence test and transient light decay test (photometric parameters changing with time curve).
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