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Complete Application of Chromatic Aberration Meter

Colorimeters are used in a wide variety of applications in the printing, painting, plastics, textile, automotive, and food industries.

Color deviation has become a problem in the color printing, textile, and paint industries, and the use of colorimeter inspection allows color data to be quantified and facilitates data exchange with customers or companies. The built-in light source shines on the sample, collects the reflected light from the sample surface, and uses an RGB detector to detect the RGB component of the reflected light to calculate the LAB and color difference values of the colors. It can better reflect the psychological and physiological laws of color vision, provide more detailed color information, and play an excellent role in promoting color management for printing.

As the old saying goes, to the people, foodstuff is all-important. The control and inspection of food are very important, and the inspection workload of food companies is very large, but the colorimeter should be used in the control of food companies to determine the quality and freshness of meat-based on the color of the meat. In addition, during the storage period, the quality of the product can be judged by the change in color of the meat, which shortens the inspection process and increases the yield.

As production levels continue to rise, people are demanding more and more from the appearance of their cars, and subtle color differences can have a huge impact on appearance. It is why color difference meters are becoming more and more widely used in the automotive industry. Monitor color differences, especially by using a colorimeter to track color differences after paint lot changing to understand and predict color trends. Controlling the color difference of each batch of paint on a day-to-day basis is a joint effort between automotive paint suppliers and vehicle manufacturers.

Dongguan Rayclouds Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd. manufacture both spectrophotometers and precision color difference meters. In addition, the color spectrophotometer has a mature PC management system, which connects the colorimeter to a computer, can manage test data in the PC software, can quickly export instrument data, and can print test reports, which is convenient for color measuring personnel to carry out more complex analysis work.
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