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Displays are in High Demand!

Redmagic will release new Mini LED products on July 11

Recently, Redmagic officially announced that it will launch the world's first Mini LED display with 27-inch 4K 160Hz refresh rate at the Redmagic 7S series and game new equipment conference on July 11.

The display is described as the world's first wireless display with its own millimeter wave, and it supports 1,152 separate partitions and HDR 1000 for immersive gaming experience.

The official poster shows that the brand new Redmagic Mini LED display features a narrow three-sided design with the words "REDMAGIC" printed on the bottom, ΔE≤1.

In April, Redmagic officially released a new brand proposition "Win More Games!" It is said that they not only specialize in the field of game phones, but also will explore new categories such as professional e-sports display, e-sports router, game keyboard and mice, and XR in the future.

As a stable market for Mini LED backlights, the consumer electronics market has seen rapid growth in TVS and monitors this year. According to incomplete statistics, 30+ Mini LED backlight TV and MNT (monitor) products have landed this year, compared with last year, the new product launch speed has increased significantly.

From the perspective of market demand, people's time for working, learning and entertainment from home has increased significantly, and the demand for display consumption has been stimulated.

Taking e-sports displays as an example, e-sports displays (refresh rate ≥144Hz) sold 870,000 units in the first quarter of this year, up 6.9% year-on-year. On the one hand, the upsurge of major e-sports events and e-sports hotels has driven the growth of e-sports display products. On the other hand, it comes from the decline in graphics card prices, and in e-sports equipment, the cost performance of high-end graphics card upgrades is not as good as that of display upgrade, while the performance of e-sports display refresh rate keeps rising, promoting the upgrading of e-sports displays and driving the growth of market shipments.

According to the new products released this year, there are many 27-inch products, and the demand in the consumer market continues to be strong.

With the steady development of Mini LED backlight, the demand for e-sports display as a consumer industry chain is also growing. For the refresh rate test of the e-sports display, you can choose the RT-200A Response Time Measurement Device, which can effectively test the refresh rate for the Mini LED display, and ensure the display quality and improve the user experience!

Sources: Experts Say Display

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