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Operating Method of Projector Light Measurement

In optical projectors, although quadratic image and coordinate measuring instruments have become the preferred targets, in the market, there are still quite a few people will choose optical projectors for projector light measurement, because optical measurement projectors are more expensive than quadratic and three coordinates. Preferential, cheap.

Operating method using optical projector light measurement:

1. During the use of optical measuring projector, the air inlet and outlet of the projector shall not be blocked. According to the shape of the workpiece, check the direction in time, select the appropriate clamp, and install it on the loading table.

2. Turn on the power supply and select contour projection or surface projection lighting. Usually, only use the power switch as far as possible, do not turn on the brightness selection switch. If you need to use it, you should also turn on the brightness selection switch after turning on the power switch for 1-2 minutes. Be sure to be safe and do not pull the cable to pull out the power plug.

3. In the absence of power supply, the surfaces of projector cabinets and projector cover platforms can be wiped with a clean soft cloth, and other parts should be cleaned by professionals to prevent leakage accidents.

4. We should not touch the optical parts of the projector with our hands or hard objects. The cover plate of the optical measuring projector shall not be opened without authorization. There is electricity inside the projector. Otherwise, there will be a big deviation in projector light measurement.

5. When installing the projector mirror, the appropriate projector should be selected and installed on the lens base of the projector. If it is necessary to measure the surface projection, the semi-reflector should be installed or adjusted separately. When the projector is removed, the lens can be ejected by the elasticity of the spring on the seat by reversing the lens so that the red dot is aligned with the red dot in the lens socket.

6. When using optical measurement projector, the angle of the mirror should be adjusted to make the projection axis perpendicular to the screen. In addition, the projector should not be moved in the process of use. After use, the carrier platform should be moved and cleaned after the filament cooling.

7. In optical projection measurement, the projector on the projector should be shaded around. And adjust the focal length and aperture, rotate the focal length to adjust the handwheel, so that the projection screen presents a clear image. The magnification of the projection lens is adjusted to make the projection screen clearest.

8. At last, we should pay attention to anti-corrosion, anti-vibration, dust-proof and moisture-proof. Except for the projector, nothing else should be placed on the top of the projector cabinet.
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