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Blue Light Analyzer

Blue Light Analyzer

An integrated high-efficiency and high-precision test platform developed for the safety of photobiological radiation in current LED applications;

Integrated scientific-grade CCD two-dimensional luminance test system, high-precision and high-dynamic range array spectral radiation analyzer and 16-bit high-precision instantaneous digital photometer.

Blue Light Analyzer Characteristic

  • Equipped with ultra-megapixel resolution detector, high-sensitivity and high-precision scientific grade CCD, Hamamatsu original imported sensor, high-precision 16-bit ADI professional ADC;
  • Comply with the latest requirements of IEC/EN62471, IEC62471-2, IEC62778, GBT20145, etc.;
  • Provides an integrated solution for spectral irradiance, spectral radiance, apparent luminance, instantaneous light characteristics;
  • Cooperated with LES-1000 special test and analysis software, accurately and quickly analyze and measure the photobiological safety parameters of LED and evaluate the photobiological safety level;
  • The maximum measurement time is not more than 40s;
  • Independently research and development with patented technology.

Blue Light Analyzer Specification

LES-1000 Blue Light Analyzer

Non-cross C-T mechanism of high precision array spectrum test platform

Spectral range


(A custom external spectrometer)optional

Spectral interval





Max. Dynamic range


Sciencegrade 2D

array CCD

Ultra-mega pixel resolution 1360×1200,Pixel size 6.5μm×6.5μm



7mm,Meet all exposure conditions

Measurement Angle

Include 100 mrad,11mrad,1.7mrad,meet standard requirements

Instantaneous measurement


2μs Interval fast sampling,ADI Original 16 bit high precision, high resolution ADC

Support for pulse luminescence measurement

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