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Trems & Conditions

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Service: We are responsible for products' maintenance, technical supported and application service.

Relationship, unless we have other specific terms and services, a Master Service Agreement or other written agreement and specific in the Master Service Agreement or other agreement that its terms supersede/replace the Terms of Service here. Otherwise, this contract is the terms and conditions under which we sell the instrument service to you. The terms of service here, as well as the quotation we provide, and the service descriptions of the individual service plans you have ordered, become contracts between you and us for the purchase and sale of instrument services (hereinafter referred to as "contracts"). Once we accept your order, either by written confirmation or in the form of actual instrument service, it means the conclusion of your contract. The contract is the actual agreement between you and Dongguan Rayclouds Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd., reflected in our quotation, ordering information.

Price: The cost of the product will be included in our quotation. Our price exinclude any taxes (such as business tax or VAT), tariffs, taxes and any other government fees applicable to your order. If there is any charge applicable to the project, you will be responsible for the payment.                  

Payment: Unless we have made another term of payment, otherwise you should finish payment within 2 weeks after signing up the contract. We will arrange delivery after 4-6 weeks when received 100% advanced payment.

The seller shall not be held responsible for failure or delay in delivery of entire lot or a portion of the goods under the sales contract in consequence of any Force Majeure incidents which might occur. Force Majeure as referred to in this contract means unforeseeable unavoidable and insurmountable objective conditions.