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New trend of automotive display panel: 3D glass

With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for family cars increases greatly. Influenced by intelligence and network connection, the functions of on-board entertainment system are becoming more and more diversified. At present, large-screen display has become a new trend of on-board display. 3D glass display has been widely used in mobile phones, and it is believed that it will soon be used in on-board display and automotive panel measurement.

According to industry data, in 2016, the proportion of domestic consumers buying cars for the second time has reached 50%, which indicates that there is a great demand for cars and the replacement of cars is frequent. Affected by the aging of the population, the young generation of the post-90s and the struggling post-80s have become the main force of China's automobile market consumption.

3D Flat glass used in car

The car market has become better, and promote the development of automobile industry, especially in the automotive display and automotive panel measurement is more outstanding, affected by intelligent, made with digital display module manufacturers will also keep pace with The Times, follow the trend, in such aspects as material and process adjustment, some people think that display would lead the next car to change, from the consumer level, not impossible. 3D cover glass is more user-friendly for the design of the car's center control screen, getting rid of the stereotyped boxiness of the car in the past, which makes the whole car feel very dull and dull. The 3D cover glass can be bent, which greatly improves the atmosphere design of automobile interior, and makes it convenient for automotive panel measurement. Nowadays, as the large terminal of intelligent life and office, the automobile makes the major display module manufacturers focus more on highlighting the sense of black technology in the interior, which drives the trend of large size and 3D glass cover.
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