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Large-size LCD Optical Measurement System

The optical characteristics of LCD must be integrated with complex items such as motion control, image automatic positioning, analog/digital signal acquisition, and instrument communication. The software and hardware environment and LCD optical measurement system provided on the market must have a friendly user interface, short development time, easy installation and debug.

In view of the fact that the design of the flat panel display is moving towards a super-large panel, the measurement range size of optical measurement equipment must also be designed towards the super-large panel. Accordingly, large LCD optical measurement system will appear. The standard of optical properties is also constantly improving. The traditional manual inspection of quality not only consumes unnecessary labor costs but also can not meet the large-scale production requirements regardless of the precision and speed of inspection. Therefore, the advanced "computer vision positioning system" is indispensable. It has the characteristics of accurate measurement, fast and strong expansibility. It can quickly detect the parameters needed by customers automatically.

LCD optical measurement system automatically measures the characteristics of the change correlation function at each point of the panel

1. The visual image location method

Optical measurement system with "visual image positioning method", measurement items can include several kinds: homogeneous measurement, Response Time, Warm Up Time, Flicker, Contrast Ratio, Gray Scale/Gamma, etc.

The program of "Visual Image Location Method" must first input the size of the LCD. Using an image processing method, the program will automatically search the unlightened boundary of LCD. When the boundary is found, the program can automatically align to the required fixed point. The fixed point is defined as the upper left, upper right and lower right boundary of LCD. According to the above definition, the horizontal angle of LCD can be determined and the coordinate system of LCD can be modified.
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