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The demands of automotive panels are increasing

As car market is highly prosperous and intelligent car, Internet of things, such as car networking unceasing development, automobile panel also has quietly occupied the third medium size panel after phone, the tablet market, among them, the increasing demand for car people interaction, also makes the automotive panel technology rapid development and changes, have promoted the development of the automotive panel backlighting measurement technology.

Early appearance of automobile panel is in order to meet the basic information display, but with the development of intelligent vehicles, now people for car interaction of growing demand, the development of the automotive panel technology presents diversity, in addition to the traditional LCD, OLED flexible display technology, multi-touch technology, DLP projection technology, HUD head-up display technology, holographic technology, and so on also started to enter the show car field.

HUD head-up display technology

The onboard display most of the vehicles is still in GPS navigator, control screen, air conditioning control panel, electrical instrumentation such as LCD electronic components is given priority to, complementary with some simple touch technology, provides a convenient safe driving auxiliary information for drivers, and automotive panel backlighting measurement becomes more convenient, of course, in some high-end vehicles can also see HUD head-up display technology.

In addition, through our daily life, everyone can feel that, at present the market demand for cars still exists, it is also promote to the root cause of the rapid development of automobile panel technology, higher technology of automobile panel is able to provide the driver driving the use of auxiliary information at the same time have the high security, and the driver can do the automotive panel backlighting measurement quicker, more convenient.
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