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Technical parameters of imaging luminance meter

The imaging luminance meter works as if more than 8 million miniature radiometric luminance meters work at the same time. The imaging luminance meter takes inspiration from the remote sensing technology in the aerospace field and adopts the new patented hyperspectral design technology. The imaging luminance meter changes the traditional luminance chroma measurement scheme. The new measurement scheme integrates the measurement of chroma distribution of image brightness.

Main technical indicators:

1. The abundant data: by hyperspectral image bring ghtness, namely at any point in the field or in any area spectrum radial brightness, brightness, chroma parameterso at various points can be, and can accurately analyze the whole or any region of the parameters such as brightness uniformity, color uniformity, luminance meter data richness is ever can't match.

2. Controllability: all parameters can be accurately obtained by a single measurement. Using the patented technology, HIRC's hyperspectrum can be achieved without mechanical scanning, with higher stability and repeatability. At the same time, the powerful software function, makes each parameter can be automatically obtained.

3. High measurement accuracy: the relative spectrum and accurate color data of each tiny area of the luminous surface can be obtained, avoiding the spectral mismatch problem of the traditional tri-stimulus luminance meter, and the luminance and color measurement accuracy is high. Especially suitable for LED display, instrument panel, flat panel display, OLED and other precise analysis occasions.
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