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Imaging Colorimeter Can Ensure the Accuracy of Display and Light Source Measurement

In order to support the demand for higher production, as well as consumer demand for quality and increasing competitive pressure, manufacturers need a system that can measure brightness, color, and defect characteristics of displays and light sources with high speed and accuracy. Consequently, the imaging colorimeter came into being.

The imaging colorimeter has been specially developed to achieve accurate and high spatial resolution colorimetric measurements. It acquires data on the entire image of the test piece through one measurement, rather than data at a point or along a line; at the same time, it allows the implementation of more complex image processing methods.

The main components of the imaging colorimeter include an imaging lens, a set of color filters, a neutral density color filter, a CCD detector, and data acquisition and image processing hardware/software.

When performing chromaticity measurement, the system needs to collect images of the test piece through each color filter. If necessary, a neutral density filter is also needed to ensure that all chromaticity measurements use the full dynamic range of the sensor. The image data is then processed using the previously determined calibration to produce accurate colorimetric data for each pixel in the image. The spatial resolution of this data depends on the imaging optics and sensor size. With this method, the chroma of each pixel in the display can be measured simultaneously from a given view angle. The imaging colorimeter can also be mounted on a goniometer to automatically perform these measurements from different angles of view.

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