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Functions of LCD Luminance Meter

LCD luminance meter can measure the brightness of light source or object in the non-contact state by using a lens imaging principle and telescope optical system. LCD luminance meter is tested for brightness and brightness uniformity of dashboard, digital tube, backlight, mobile phone screen, LCD display screen, OLED screen, FPD flat panel TV, projection screen, road lighting, landscape lighting, etc. And there are a variety of configurations to meet various needs.

The main functions of LCD luminance meter are as follows:

1.LCD luminance meter has high sensitivity and accuracy, especially suitable for laboratory and verification level measurement.

2. High-quality photoelectric detectors: optoelectronic detectors with high stability, spectral response curve matching CIE (International Lighting Commission) curve are selected to ensure high accuracy and stability of measurement.

3. Multi-view angle switching: 2 degrees, 1 degree, 0.2 degrees, 0.1-degree multi-view angle switching. It can be used not only for the measurement of small sizes such as indicator lamp and instrument panel but also for the measurement of large size luminous body such as outdoor LCD display screen.

4. Wide measurement range: It can measure brightness as low as 0.001 cd/m2 and as high as 4000000 cd/m2.

5.0.4m~Infinite Measuring Distance: With large aperture and high image quality international top objective lens from micro to an infinite distance, it can achieve short to a long distance measurement.
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