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New market on the industry of automotive display panels

In recent years, with the rapid expansion of panel production capacity, the consumer market, which is regarded as a huge application space, has been growing slowly. Therefore, it has become an urgent need for major panel manufacturers to find new and rapidly growing application fields. With the rapid development of the automobile market and the advent of the era of Internet of vehicles, automotive display has obviously become the third large, small and medium-sized panel application market after the mobile phone and tablet market.

With the further development of the automobile market, the automotive panels backlight measurement market is also growing, and the backlight measurement of automobile panel is also developing rapidly. According to the data, in recent years, the market value of automotive panels backlight measurement has increased rapidly, and the backlight measurement of automobile panel has been put on the agenda. It will reach $9.8 billion in 2022, an increase of 12.8%. Gradually expanding car market demand, so that the major panel manufacturers have begun to focus on the power of on-board display. Among them, with a keen sense of changing market demand, dongguan leiyun photoelectric technology co., ltd. has already laid out the on-board display field in advance, and has established comparative advantages and competition barriers, with remarkable development.

After years of development, automotive panels, aided by the Internet, has become the most important interface for carrying interactive information between people and vehicles. In addition, with the development of consumer electronics display screen convergence, car display also presents a large screen, high-definition, multi-screen, touch and personalized development trends.

Cars are gradually becoming the third space of people's life, with more and more new applications and more and more display screen configurations. In addition, under the influence of mobile phone usage habits, the large screen, high resolution, touch control and personalized demands of automotive panels backlight measurement are becoming more and more obvious, and the backlight measurement of car panel is also much more convenient. And Lei yun is actively responding to the rapid changes in vehicle display in the future in both technology and product lines.
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