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What Are the Application Fields of Spectroradiometre

Ⅰ. Innovative fields of spectroradiometer

In order to meet the data collection accuracy and reliability requirements of field radiation measurement instruments, many institutions have developed a spectroradiometer system in the visible and near infrared bands. The successful development of this system can be applied to the spectral radiation measurement module and directly used for field radiation. Among the measuring instruments, it provides a technical basis for the development of radiation measuring instruments for satellite remote sensor site calibration. So, what are the application fields of spectroradiometre?

Ⅱ. What are the application fields of spectroradiometer

1. Field measurement

In order to realize the field application and comparison of the spectrum acquisition system, the ratio of the standard irradiance value of the standard lamp and the measured irradiance voltage value is used as the calibration coefficient of the spectrum acquisition system. The spectroradiometer first conducts field measurement of water vapor, ozone and other parameters in the theoretical simulation to obtain the simulated data of the total atmospheric illuminance of the measured parameters. Secondly, another field spectroradiometer is used for synchronous comparison test to verify the observation results of the spectrum acquisition system.

2. Meteorological observation

At present, the integrated solar radiation observation instruments commonly used in meteorological operations have observing bottlenecks in which the amount of observation data is small and the data difference is large. The instrument development and observation methods and techniques of precision spectroradiometers with high spectral resolution have become frontier scientific and technological issues in solar radiation observation. Spectroradiometers with good quality and excellent service play a very prominent role in the field of meteorological observation.

3. Ocean optics research field

Spectroradiometers are currently commonly used as LED test devices. The energy environment is deteriorating day by day. Semiconductor lighting is developing rapidly due to its energy-saving and high-efficiency characteristics. With the maturity of the LED manufacturing process, its output light efficiency continues to increase, and it is widely used in marine optics research equipment. Spectroradiometers with high service quality play a very important role.

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