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Photoelectric Measurement

Photoelectric measurement and system integration solutions.

Product appearance description: As some of our instruments of the same series have different models and specifications, the appearance of the instruments will be slightly different, the corresponding picture of the product page is the basic appearance of the series, and the specific appearance style please refer to the actual product.

AR/VR Display Analyzer

View More AR/VR Display Analyzer AR/VR Display Analyzer

RayClouds provides test solution for the detection of AR/VR devices! V Series Virtual Display Analyzer, high-resolution detector can capture display images quickly, which can be used for optical testing of AR/VR equipments. 

Imaging Colorimeter

View More Imaging Colorimeter Imaging Colorimeter

RayCloud has C-Series Imaging ColorimeterL-Series Imaging PhotometerFW-Series Imaging Colorimeter which can adapt to different test objects and customized requirements of customers, and meet customers' different needs for speed, resolution and optical configuration from product development to quality inspection. It is also suitable for high resolution and high dynamic range measurement and analysis under different test environment conditions. 

Infrared Radiation Thermometer

View More Infrared Radiation Thermometer Infrared Radiation Thermometer

RayCloud infrared thermometer consists of an optical system, photodetector, signal amplifier, signal processing, display output, and other parts. The Infrared Standard Radiation Thermometer condenses the infrared radiation energy of the target in its field of view. The infrared energy is focused on the photodetector and converted into a corresponding electrical signal. This signal is converted into the temperature value of the measured target after conversion.