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RayClouds Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd.

Company Profile

RayClouds photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd. (RayClouds) It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in industrial measuring instruments and display measurement system. RayClouds upholds the spirit of innovation, rigorous thinking, and positive attitude to meet customers' measurement needs. Through the application of the CMMI development model and service model. Restructured the management system of RayClouds formed a comprehensive scientific research, production, marketing, and service system.

As RayClouds grows, it has gradually formed strong talent, technology and brand advantages. At present, RayClouds has a dynamic and comprehensive team, and has also achieved excellent results in the field of optical measurement. Our achievements cannot satisfy us, and honor does not stop us. What we have achieved is because no one takes the industrial display and measurement industry chain more seriously and seriously than us. With a good reputation, solid hardware and software technology level and meticulous service, as well as a new learning team, we will definitely provide you with more professional support and service.

Most of our products are developed independently. We have product and service like Imaging Colorimeter and Photometer, Luminance Colorimeter, Spectroradiometer, Backlight Module Optical Measurement System, LCD Display Optical Measurement System, LED Light Measurement System, Infrared Radiation Thermometer.

The instruments and integrated systems we produce are controlled by software, and the standard software is developed by RayClouds team. Note that they are widely used in display fields such as mobile phones, tablets, backlit module, computer screen display, LCD display, automotive and aerospace display. Others, as OLED, LED light source, street lamps, light guide, lighten film, reflecting film etc. Of course, more measurements in the field of luminescence, RayClouds team will continue to explore.

In the field of next-generation photoelectric measurement, we will continue to provide our customers with excellent service.

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