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The Imaging Colorimeter Is a Key Element in the Commercial Production of OLED and MicroLED

1. The imaging colorimeter solves the problem of commercialization of OLED and MicroLED

Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) and microLED (ultra-micro LED) are becoming a new wave of technology in the display market. Since these light-emitting layers have independently driven pixel elements, compared with other display technologies, display screens based on these light-emitting layers are expected to improve performance and visual appearance, and improve efficiency.

Imaging colorimeters provide a solution to improve the quality of self-luminous displays. By applying scientific-grade imaging technology to brightness and chromaticity measurement, these automated detection technologies can accurately test the visual performance of the display to ensure that it matches the human eye's perception of brightness, chromaticity, and spatial (or angle) relationships.

Ⅱ. The steps of the imaging colorimeter to correct the uniformity of the display

In addition to simply identifying and quantifying OLED and microLED defects using an imaging colorimeter, it can also provide a complete solution for correcting the uniformity of the display. The solution uses the following three different steps:

1. Use a high-resolution imaging colorimeter to measure each sub-pixel in the display screen to calculate the brightness value of each pixel location (execute on different test images to measure each sub-pixel series of the same color).

2. Use the test analysis software to calculate the required correction factor to correct the brightness difference between the sub-pixels in the display screen.

3. Use an external control integrated circuit (IC) system to apply the correction factor to the display signal to adjust the output of each sub-pixel.

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