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Spectroradiometry and Photometry

With the development of 4K TV, the demand for high resolution, high quality display devices is increasing. So as the demand of ultralow luminance measurement instrument.
SR-200 Spectroradiometer functionality designed to measure ultralow luminance, chromaticity with high precision.

(1) FPD detection: Since the tristimulus value filter colorimeter can’t distinguish the metamerism, the spectral detection of the spectroradiometer can effectively exert its excellent performance of spectral radiation.

(2) Detection and correction of cinema projection: The cinema environment is different, such as screen reflectivity and safety lighting.  SR-200 Spectroradiometer can accurately detect the color of the projection screen and correct projection according to the result. So as for 3D display projection.

(3) SR-200 Spectroradiometer widely used in FPD display, backlight, lighting engineering, light source and light-emitting devices, films, television, traffic signals, architecture, atmospheric photometry and so on.

Detection and correction of cinema projectionFPD displaytraffic signalsluminance measurement

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