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2023 Intelligent Cockpit Industry Alliance Technical Exchange China - Chongqing

Time: March 23-24, 2023
Location: Chongqing Yinxin Century Hotel (9 Baotong Road, Huixing, Yubei District, Chongqing)

In recent years, the sales of new energy vehicles are constantly refreshing the record, and the production and sales of automobiles are also showing a high growth trend. In the era of rapid development of intelligent cars, intelligent cockpit has become “the third living space” of personal life after intelligent home and office. 

With the iteration and update of artificial intelligence vision, voice and biometric technologies, cars can not only communicate with people by voice, but also establish emotional bonds with people. It can be seen that intelligent cockpit has become the core component of vehicle intelligent development. 

In this context, Asia New Energy Vehicle, Intelligent Cockpit Industry Alliance and AAE Advanced Automotive jointly held the "Intelligent Cockpit Industry Alliance Technical Exchange China - Chongqing", which will be held in Chongqing on March 23-24, 2023! This forum deeply analyzes and discusses the transformation trend and new path of the automotive industry at multiple aspects such as new intelligent cockpit technology, brand value, and future trends, and jointly explores automotive intelligent solutions. 

RayClouds is a high-tech enterprise focusing on optical measurement. We took the market as the guide to strongly launch technology products such as imaging colorimeter, viewing angle analyzer, response time analyzer, virtual display analyzer and INTELLIGENT COCKPIT OPTICAL MEASUREMENT SOLUTIONS, and cooperated with related manufacturers of vehicle display to optimize the display quality of products and improve the vehicle-based application experience of the intelligent cockpit. 

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