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SR-200 Spectroradiometer

SR-200 Spectroradiometer

SR-200 is a spectroradiometer specifically designed to meet the measurement requirements of the laboratory application, image observation through built-in CCD, RayClouds has spectroradiometer for sale, it is very convenient for field measurement. Widely used in FPD display, backlight, lighting engineering, light source and light-emitting devices, films, television, traffic signals, architecture, atmospheric photometry and so on.

SR-200 Spectroradiometer Characteristic

Extremely High Sensitivity
0.001cd/m2 measurements can be achieved to meet very low luminance measurement requirements.

Wide Measurement Range
In the case of attenuation, the super-wide range of 10E9 can be achieved to meet high contrast measurement requirements.

High Resolution
With the best array detector and high performance grating, and the good matching of array detector and detector and grating, the system has high spectral resolution (up to 0.3nm/pixel).

Built in CCD Camera
To observe the measured area without human eye observation.

SR-200 Spectroradiometer Specification



Wavelength range


Wavelength accuracy


Observation window

Built-in CCD

Measurement Angle

1°;(Optional other angles)

Min Measurement distance


Max Measurement size


Measurement luminance range*1(under standard A light source)

0.005-100,000 cd/m2



Chromaticity accuracy (under standard A light source)


Repeatability (under standard A light source)

Luminance:1%; Chromaticity:0.0005




AC adapter

Temperature/Humidity range

5 ~ 30℃,relative humidity less than 80% (no condensation)

Size (W*H*L)

240mm*150mm*160mm (Not include lens length)

*Measurement of luminance and chromaticity in the RayClouds conditions (using 1000cd/m2standard light source,LED backlight, 6500K LCD display).
*Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice.

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