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Medium and Large Size Flat BLU Optical Measurement System

Medium and Large Size Flat BLU Optical Measurement System

Medium and large size flat BLU optical measurement system, which carries the luminance meter mainly for the luminance and color uniformity measurement of backlight module. Backlit measurement systems aims at providing accurate optical performance measurement data for LCD, PDP, OLED and LED display, and LED, CCFL backlight development; Backlit measurement systems is mainly used in laboratory, engineering development and QA/QC etc.

Medium and Large Size Flat BLU Optical Measurement System Overview

  • Product horizontal placement, optimized for displays up to 80"
  • Fully automatic 2-axis control platform, instrument XY linear motion.
  • Z axis can adjust the height. automatically or manually.
  • Sample can choose telescopic platform, easy to place.

Easy to use
Windows system based, users can finish the whole measurement process, the flexible module allows any operator to select a predefined test configuration to finish the whole measurement.

Standard and Custom Tests
Based on VESA, ICDM, TCO, ISO, SJ/T and other display measurement tests or customized tests, DM Series Measurement System can be set up to run.

Medium and Large Size Flat BLU Optical Measurement System Characteristic

  • BackLightTest professional measurement software 
  • Various quantitative analysis tools, including contour charts, CIE chromaticity analysis 
  • Support the performance analysis of different sampling area of various specification products 
  • Manual & automatic system control, initial positioning via remote control and image window 
  • Without fixing at right angles for product testing 
  • Custom various test sequences, uniformity 5 points, 9 points, 13 points, 25 points, dot matrix test, flat test 
  • With a signal generator connected to provide various signals automatically 
  • Export to Excel 
  • Automatic tracking algorithm for test points 
  • Field installation commissioning and training 
  • Software upgrade for free

Medium and Large Size Flat BLU Optical Measurement System Tests Supported

  • Luminance Uniformity 
  • Chromaticity, Color temperature, Color uniformity 
  • Contrast, Color gamut 
  • Gray level, Gamma 
  • Shadowing(Cross Talk) 
  • Response time 
  • Warm up time, Luminance stability 
  • OLED  I-V-L

Medium and Large Size Flat BLU Optical Measurement System Application

  • Display backlight, module 
  • Medium and large backlight, module 
  • Aerospace, Military medium and large display 
  • TV backlight, module

Medium and Large Size Flat BLU Optical Measurement System Specification





Max Measurement Size





Luminance  meter


Konica Minolta:CS-100,CS-200, CS-2000/A, CA-2000/2500

Photo Research:PR-655/670/680/680L, PR-880A, PR-705, PR-715,PR-730/735

Measurement Items 

Luminance, Color Uniformity test: 5points, 9points, 13points, 25points; Dot matrix test

Color Gamut; Contrast; CIE Chromaticity; Color Temperature; Grey Level; Warm up Time; Luminance Stability; Response Time

PC Control System

CommercialPC, 19” LCD Monitor

XY Effective travel 

 900mm X 550mm

 1450mmX 900mm

 1750mmX 1100mm

Motion Accuracy

Straight line 0.03mm/500mm;Resolution:0.001mm 

Z axis effective travel 


Image System

Industrial CCD and Industrial Lens, Video Collection Card

Software System

BackLightTest Professional version, Windows XP, 7, Office






220 VAC / 50 Hz

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