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RayClouds Photoelectric Technology Co.,Ltd.

Our History

Optical measurement pre-development

Set up VISLON, specialized in backlit module, LED、LCD display measurement system.
Started to sell Konica Minolta CA、CS series products and all TOPCON industrial instruments.

Offered optical measurement system to Zhongshan University、Skyworth Group etc.
Provided Huawei with ACR measurement system to analyze ambient contrast and glare of screen display.

Developed large size LCM panel and TV optical automatic measurement system for TV manufacturers, such as LG、TCL、KONKA and Changhong.
Started to sell the products of ELDIM and developed optical automatic system for it.

Optical measurement systems had been sold up to 120 sets by the end of 2011.
Development of CCD fiber spectrometer and integrating sphere, mainly applied in optical analysis and measurement in lighting.

Developed LED lighting fitting Goniophotometer、LED beads Goniophotometer、OLED optical measurement system.
Provided IRICO、TRULY Group with LED LightBar optical in-line measurement system.

Developed and provided Photobiological safety measurement system, Response Time Analyzer to China Telecommunication Technology Labs.

Developed filter Luminance Colorimeter、Spectroradiometer.
Combined VISLON and set up RayClouds.

Developed automatic control system with Xi`an Polytechnic University.

Set up R&D Center of radiant thermotics and Photoelectric instrument with National Metrology Institute.

In 2017
Developed C series Imaging Luminance Meter.
More than 600 sets optical measurement system had been sold.
Being national high-tech enterprise and obtained software copyrights and patents up to 21.
Established an optical calibration lab, data are calibrated to NIM-traceable standards.

In 2018
Set up east China sales office.
Developed C-24 and C-36 high resolusion imaging luminance meter.

In 2019
Headquarter moved in Dongguan Institute of Opto-electronics Peking University.
Rate at CMMI maturity level 3.