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After-sales Services

Experienced after-sale team will solve all the problems as soon as possible.

1. Maintenance
(1) Standard
A. Inaccurate or incapable testing caused by devices' quality problem, we promise to repair for free in one year.
B. If there is error of the tester within one year after purchasing, our company will help you debug for free.
C. Device damage caused by improper operation or an accident, and the damage is serious, we will charge you maintenance cost according to stipulation.
D. All of the components are not included in the repairing range.
(2) Procedure
A. If there is test error of the device, please contact the manager of service center to solve the problem by telephone instruction, WeChat, and debugging video on our official website. If you cannot solve the problem through these ways, you could send the device to us. We will finish debugging as soon as possible after receiving.
B. You need to contact our sales manager immediately after the instrument is damaged. The sales manager or after-sale service personnel will identify if it can be repaired or not. If the instrument could be repaired, you can send it to us by express delivery.

2. Replacement
(1) Standard: From the date users receive product, if there is any non-artificial breakdown (except non warranty part), users could change for free. (The problems that users feedback are true, and there is no damage of the instrument) If the problem can be solved within 1 week, we won't change for you.
(2) Procedure: Users should first ask the sales manager to confirm the problems, and then send it to us if needed. Then the sales manager and our company will confirm together if the device complies with warranty standards replacement standard, and agree to change another one for you. We will carry out our company's standard procedure, and send instrument again in one month.

3. Sales Return
(1) Standard: From the date users receive product, the product quality problem cannot be solved in 3 days, (Confirmed by our company), and be refused to change.
(2) Procedure: Users should first confirm the device problem through sales manager, and coordinate with the sales manager to send the instrument back to us. After our testing department have confirmed it is not the artificial problem but device problem, we will agree to the return application. We will return your payment to you in 10 days.

4. After-sale Service Procedure
(1) Repair report by telephone or E-mail
(2) Take delivery of goods.
(3) Repairing
(4) Goods delivery

5. Illustration
(1) Users should get warranty by the invoice after purchasing, otherwise, we won't promise you a warranty but a repairing. (The original or copy of the invoice or receipt should be taken when you come to repair.)
(2) Within one year after users buying our product, if there is any quality problem(except non warranted parts), you can contact with us for repairing, changing, or returning with purchasing invoice. If you couldn't show us your purchasing invoice in guarantee period, we will calculate according to date of production, and the period is within one year.
(3) If there is a failure of the product which expired of warranty time, we will charge relevant fees according to company stipulation.
(4) Any damage caused by taking apart and assembling by user's own, transportation, improper storage, or operation not following users' manual, and having no purchasing invoice, we won't promise you the warranty.